The inspiration behind ITTEHAD was to bring a wide range of our textiles under one roof. Our journey started in 2011 with one outlet in Faisalabad but after a tremendous response we grew our network and still continue to do so. ITTEHAD has always maintained its dedication and perseverance to quality services for its highly valuable customers with a vision to provide options that reflect style, comfort and individuality.

Our clients are our Story

The History

We ensure that the chicest fashion and the latest trends reach you. A funky print or classic embroidery, we have it all. Browse through our wide range and be immersed in a world that is dedicated to make you look unforgettably charming. Ittehad Group of Industries has come a long way since its launch in 1973. The early days saw Ittehad Textiles handicapped; it would take a span of ten years before the company would be able to employ sophisticated technology for printing. Despite this, a strong emphasis on quality control was set up from the very beginning, as a result of which the printed cloth produced under the banner of Ittehad was met with unprecedented success and left a great impact on the market. Today, with an extensive manufacturing network. This lets House of Ittehad maintain its dedication and perseverance to quality services. Customers' feedback has always been considered extremely meaningful as they arethe actual fundamental force of the market. That is why Ittehad Textiles believes in intensifying the entire product range every year, to deliver the best to their valuable customers.


Logo: Our scalloped shell is inspired by the birth of Venus, and its reference to the setting sun. The scalloped shell is uniquely feminine and elegant and is frequently displayed in the designs of Miss Patina clothing.

Patina Green:  The sheen produced on surfaces through age, represents our influence from past decades, whilst the colour is associated with rococo art, and represents our highly decorative nature. Patina is the beauty of time and comes from a life lived. 


Miss Patina has frequently been featured in many fashion publications including Vogue, Grazia, Look, Company, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, and has been worn by fashion favourites, such as Taylor Swift, Elle Fanning, British actress Sienna Miller, Emilia Clarke, Jenna Coleman, singer Pixie Lott, Una Foden, model Suki Waterhouse, and UK TV presenter Caroline Flack, Alice Levine and Alex Jones.

With more than 100 stores and boutiques around the world  including 11 Topshop concessions and stockists throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, and USA, Miss Patina is continually catching the attention of vintage and fashion enthusiasts around the world.