Ittehad Group

40 Years of Excellence

With almost four decades of distinction in the textile sector, Ittehad Group of Industries has come a long way. Launched in 1973, the early days saw Ittehad Textiles equipped with roller printing technology. Due to a strong emphasis on quality control, the printed cloth produced under the banner of Ittehad was met with unprecedented success and left a great impact on the market. Within a span of ten years, the company was able to employ the more sophisticated technology of rotary printing.


The processing, at Ittehad textiles, canopies the entire treating of a cloth in what range it may be. The processing includes: spinning, weaving, embroidery and any other relevant handling of the product. We have set high standards to achieve the best quality in our processes and continuously endeavor to evolve in our methods and mechanism. Our research team ensures that we always learn about the new trends that are setting in globally, so that we adapt those and maintain the strong foothold that we have in the competing market. Our processes are our pride.